About Us

LevelSet is a community-oriented organization targeted at ensuring Black people across the world who are interested in self and professional development have easy access to mentorship, and ultimately build a strong network of black professionals in various areas of career interests and expertise across the globe.

to level set verb [/ˈlevl/ - /set/]:


“A nice corporate-sounding term bandied around in meetings that simply means "get everyone on the same page" so they all have the same basic understanding of a situation or project.” - Netlingo.com

The organization was born in 2018 and is co-founded by San Francisco based Business Consultant & Entrepreneur, Tope Ajala, and London based Marketing & Product Professional, Lucianne Osideko. LevelSet focuses on challenging and changing perspectives within the black community and helping them realise the significance and importance of collaboration over competition. The idea to start the movement came after Tope and Lucianne, who both met in school, recognised the importance of mentoring black people in order to change the narrative as regards the popular representation of diversity adopted by some top companies in the US and the UK, and to provide room for actual connectivity at events and conferences targeted at black professionals.

Our Objectives

Mentorship & Networking

Creating opportunities for black people who have succeeded in their areas of specialisation to pass down information and skills to the next generation through our mentorship programme as well as organised  training, events and webinars.

Improving Corporate Diversity

Helping organizations to diversify their workforce, increase black representation and improve the working environment for their black employees via executive training concerning the appreciation of inclusion and diversity.

Supporting Educators

We want schools to be better advised on relating with black students of all abilities and help to support them into the working world.


Let's LevelSet

The possibilities are endless when we collaborate, share skills and knowledge. We anchor our ideals on the belief that there can be level-playing ground for black people (of all age groups) everywhere; but this cannot be achieved without sharing the responsibilities within our community in order to emancipate ourselves and overcome the systemic oppression that breeds disadvantages.