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David Adjei, Entrepreneur: Building the framework of success

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

A firm believer in putting yourself completely into what you do in order to succeed substantially, David Adjei has dedicated eleven years to building a career in architecture. David became conversant with this career path after running an internship program with a community organisation whilst at college.

In this video, David shares some of his experiences – as well as those of others he knows, in the working environment and levels the importance of networking. Microaggressions are common episodes in organisations which do not have a formal system of addressing such behavior. Sometimes, black people develop the spirit of competition over community because of how employers compare their work output and characteristics to the next black person and might result in microaggression. David offers that this can be resolved when employers put away the idea of skin color and deal with black people as individuals, independent of race. He also advised organisations to structure a system that deals with microaggressions. On the subject of networking, he emphasizes that even though social media can be a good tool to reach target audience, investing in purposeful relationships with people who are in your field is even more important.

Although David never formally had a mentor, he says that success in his career is partially because he has learned from people around him – especially his mother. He also shares that developing a relationship with experienced people who give you information that is relevant in your field of interest is an added bonus to succeeding. David currently gives career advice to, and mentors a few people.

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