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Dexter Ukaegbu Believes that Success Requires Strategy

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Money does make the world go around, doesn’t it? Handing out the privilege of varied choices and opportunities, money is rightly a legal tender. Dexter Ukeagbu was introduced to the corporate world at a young age – while he was still at college, which means he began making his own money around the same time. Having control over the kind of money he was making at his age brings a lot of responsibility – and Dexter wasn’t ready to handle them. Because every weekend assured a pay cheque, Dexter became impulsive with spending until something happened which made him recognise the importance of saving. He strongly advises people to be intentional about saving money in terms of what they look forward to accomplish overtime.

Dexter, who is now an Oil and Gas Executive due to a connection he made in 2014, started out with Project Management after being introduced by his mentor to a few Managing Directors and getting to understand the dynamics of the business world. He says that the presence of his mentor in his life was pivotal to his career. “Working at Goldman Sachs gave me insight and different perspectives to what I could do and be and most of my peers didn’t have that opportunity at the time.” He emphasises that a lot of people are successful because of people they know, not necessarily nepotism but because of general connections. He believes that while you do your bit, the right connection provides the extra that opens doors to you.

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