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For Pharmacist Ore Adeboyega, Mentorship Provided Scaffold for Growth and Success

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

From as early as eight, Ore Adeboyega knew that she was going to be a Pharmacist – a time when most of us would rather play in the sand than make up our minds about even the kind of food we wanted to have. She says this was because she had older people who were in that career path – family members and friends, and she admired what they were doing. This has got to be a process that pays then right? In her tenth year of school, she worked with this pharmacist who made her conviction stronger – she decided that she was going to be a pharmacist and that was it!

Even though Ore grew up to be very competitive and studious, she describes mentorship as indubitably important to success in her career. “I have had mentors in my life from the age of 16 and they have been so helpful. Sometimes people think having a mentor means being controlled and your opinions watered down, but it means going for counsel, guidance.” She says that contrary to popular belief, mentors do not always have to be older, just more experienced and knowledgeable in the field of interest concerned.

Having experienced subtle microaggressions at her former places of work, Ore opines that employers need to give black people the benefit of doubt of knowing things that their white contemporaries know and being capable of completing tasks just as much and more. This perspective can only exist when employers learn to appreciate diversity by making their employees feel comfortable to be who they are in their work environment, thus, enabling a healthy work environment.

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