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Ghana Heroes - Michael Kumi, Digital Project Manager & Entrepreneur

Celebrating Ghana’s Michael Kumi, a Digital Project Manager who helps start up companies visualise their ideas from conception to operational phase — from minute details like letterheads, to building their website. We found it interesting that even though Michael had a flair for computer systems while growing up — as a child he would satisfy his curiosity by detaching and reassembling parts of old computer systems and toys, however, his first shot at earning a University degree was to study Anthropology. After deciding that this career path was not for him, Michael was advised by friends and family to study Media. At the time he laughed it off because of he did not consider a career path in what he considered his dawdling. After gaining admission to the University of Kent to study Technology and Design, Michael fell in love and knew that he was “home.” Now, asides from managing media projects, he runs a Digital Marketing company that connects people with opportunities in companies with media professional needs. Before we rounded our interview with Michael, we got to hear from him about mentorship and networking and appreciated the views he had on them. “I love travelling.” He started. “I do not think that networking should be deliberate. You should have an idea of what you would bring to the table and an expectation of what you will receive, but I do not encourage people to set their minds with the purpose of having people around for networking solely because first contact might be misleading. So develop relationships first, and work it out from there.” Michael expects black people to share information about their salary range because it helps other black people recognise where they are being underpaid and request for a pay rise. Although right now he doesn’t have a specific mentor, Michael reckons that mentorship can be communal — as is currently practiced in Ghana. “I am surrounded by mentors (friends who know things that I do not). I think people should be open minded and allow yourself to be positively influenced and taught by people around them.

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