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Knowing your worth, hustling hard and being your own boss. Marvin Brown tells his story...

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

For Marvin, the definition of prominence started with P.E. classes as Captain of the football team. This definition would change when he contested for and became President of the African Caribbean Society solely because he discovered what he was passionate about, learned about it from a friend who was good at it, tapped into this, and succeeded after applying this knowledge to his campaign.

Deciding what he wanted to do with his life wasn’t always direct. He left school to college after the fifth form to study Graphic Designing. When the university he attended didn’t have Graphic Design on its curriculum, he ended up studying Multimedia – which was a broad range, so he decided to expand his ability beyond graphic designing, and that was when he discovered video.

Having run a production company in university and now a self-taught freelancer in video and business, Marvin wishes that schools taught young people to build a portfolio of people. First, he recognizes education as one of the means of networking and meeting various people, sharing varied experiences as he did with his friend, however, he confesses that he wished he knew earlier that getting ahead in his field of work had to do with networking and experience more than with qualification. He further stresses the importance of networking in reaching career goals – because despite putting out quality work, having recurring jobs depends on interacting with the right people in the field of work concerned and investing in solid relationship where knowledge and skills are shared.

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