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Tei Hammond on Becoming a Property Manager and Life Coach

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Tei Hammond is a Property Manager and Life Coach who specializes in Entrepreneur Empowerment. Before now, Tei admits to only considering education and life in general as an avenue to have fun – this was until one of his teachers called him aside and revealed to him in a very short conversation which he refers to as the “black talk,” that he was a representation of his race and had to work twice as much as his counterparts. Prior to this conversation, Tei had not yet realized that because of how the system functioned, he may not have as many opportunities as the rest of his colleagues. Perhaps this teacher’s word did not hold as much water as it would until Tei’s experience with job applications – he had handed in his CV with his real name and did not get a call back until he took up an alias that was more “acceptable."

After returning to college following an incident that led to him being kicked out, Tei now speaks on the importance of receiving formal education. “I believe it depends on what your end goal is, everyone’s route is subjective to them and the biggest thing about university for me was not the degree, but understanding cultural capitalism, mixing with people in a different environment and knowing there was more – compared to the environment that I grew up in.” Tei further states that he wishes schools stressed more about the importance of networking because his career kicked off based on the network he built in the university – a friend from his university days had shared a staff recruitment notice with him and encouraged him to go for it. As a life and business coach, Tei considers networking and participating in mentorship program, vital to career growth and development.

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